“Hey, Kids, Want to Come Up to My Bedroom and See My Dog?”

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Joe Biden, the then-vice president of the United States, was ten feet in front of me addressing a pack of young children. “Hey, Kids,” he said jovially. “Want to come up to my bedroom and see my dog?”

The girls wore party dresses, the boys, as my beautiful English wife would say, looked “smart.” They had come to the Naval Observatory  with their parents as guests of the Bidens, as had my wife and I, for a holiday reception in December 2013.

We were standing near a refreshment table in the dining room. In the ebb and flow of  the reception, the vice  president had found an admiring gaggle of youngsters and made the invitation. The kids, about a half dozen of them, squealed in delight and then disappeared with Joe up a staircase that led to the vice president’s bedroom suite.

No one else. Just them. No staff, no Secret Service agents, no parents. Joe and the children of his guests just slipped away from adult supervision and vanished up those stairs as quickly as if they had heard the Pied Piper’s flute.

I was stunned. I had started at the White House as a stenographer with the press office 10 years earlier, had traveled the world with presidents and vice presidents, and never had I seen any principal act as personally reckless as that.

Part of my shock was the speed at which Joe moved. No more more three seconds had elapsed from the invitation to the exit up the stairs. Never asked the parents’ permission, never announced his invitation to the adult guests within earshot. His focus was only on the children.

The other part of the shock was that it even happened. I was watching the Vice President of the United States lure a group of children up to his bedroom in the midst of a holiday reception almost at will. Why would he do that? Joe Biden is a politician who brags about being a deal maker. What was the upside of that deal for him? What would he get out of it?

And as a deal, it was very strange, very unwise, and very unplanned. I know this because within moments of Joe and the kids exiting upstairs, his press secretary, Kendra Barkoff, was sprinting across the living room, into the reception hall, and up the stairs after them. Grim expression, color drained from her face, she was moving with the haste of someone dreading imminent disaster.

I had worked closely with Kendra for about two years. She was effective, capable, and devoted to protecting Vice President Biden for her entire tenure as his press secretary. And I knew from the look on her face, this was yet another red alert emergency she had to fix. I had never seen her move so fast. Frankly, had it not been for her panicked beeline, I might not have noticed what had occurred.

And that’s, as far as I know, where the episode ends, with Kendra rushing up the stairs to chaperone. When I was at the White House, I was a stay-in-my-lane guy, so the final disposition of Joe and the dog and the kids upstairs was not my business. Kendra never mentioned it, and I never asked. And to be fair, maybe there was nothing more to it than Joe having a zany moment with other people’s kids.

But now that Joe Biden occupies the White House after an illegal election, I am examining what I know of his conduct for us to have a better understanding of who the real Joe Biden is. So let me rewrite that sentence for your deeper consideration.

Maybe (because a vigilant staffer inserted herself into the situation) there was nothing more to it (an invitation innocent on the surface, but creepy underneath)  than Joe (a vice president, a father, a host who should have known better) having a zany moment (because there’s so much of it, Joe’s oddball behavior has always been excused) with other people’s kids (middle-class Americans he may not have respected as much as he claimed).

In my opinion, that’s a more honest view of Joe Biden than the man the media shows us. We have a strange man occupying our White House. The media knows it and have been covering for him for awhile. I think it’s way past time for the truth to come out.

And if anyone wants to verify my account of Joe and the kids, they can check with Kendra Barkoff. Maybe she can recall this incident. But I’m betting, as protective as she is, she won’t. I’m also betting the kids and their parents remember it. Maybe they want to speak up with their version. Maybe not. But I know what I saw and heard, and it definitely happened.

And understand this is mid-December 2013, a very heady time for Joe’s political career. He had just days before returned from a trip to Asia, for which I accompanied him. On the China leg of that trip he had extended a one-on-one meeting with Xi Jinping by several hours. That meeting supposedly deepened their relationship, something Joe has bragged about repeatedly.

But it was also the trip when Hunter Biden, with his daughter Finnegan in tow, accompanied Joe to Beijing and scored a big business connection which may have benefited and/or compromised Joe.

Like I said, it’s way past time for the truth to come out.

So was Joe’s behavior with his guests’ children another example of him being impulsive and reckless? Or is it a glimpse into a darker aspect of his character?

Hard to say, as I am only reporting what I observed. But it was certainly inappropriate. Vice presidents, if they know what’s good for them, don’t behave like this. Reasonable people would be offended at the idea of a vice president tour guiding a group of children into his bedroom without supervision, and reasonable people are the ones whose vote counts.

At least in fair elections.

And please understand, I did not include this concerning incident (or many others) in my Joe Biden Unauthorized book. Written in late 2019, and published in March 2020, it predates the Democratic Party’s politicization of the COVID pandemic, the disclosure of Hunter’s laptop, and the illegal election that installed Joe Biden in the White House. But now that we see what he and his goons have done to our country and the world,  I’ll be revealing all I know about the real Joe Biden.

Stay tuned.

Here are a couple screenshots of line 396038 of the 2013 White House WAVES records that show my attendance on December 13, 2013, at the Vice President’s Residence (VPR) for Holiday Reception.

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