Laptop #3, 7 mins. 11/18/2021

Like a gripping horror movie, the opening view of the Hunter Biden laptop is a scene of relative innocence.

Plug it in, power it up, and marvel for a moment at the optimistic screen asking for his password.

Colorful and attractive, much like Hunter, it features a large golf ball centered directly above the password slot. Nothing says American optimism louder than a spotless white golf ball suspended above a magenta-hued backdrop on an Apple laptop. Hunter really nailed that one.

Maybe he should be an artist.

Recall too, that Hunter’s original laptop (my version is an authenticated copy) was initiated in 2009, back when Hunter’s world reflected an abundance of progressive American optimism. Barack Obama had been elected in a landslide with dear old dad on the ticket. Hunter was reportedly sober, married with three lovely daughters, and looking at a wondrous future as the international investor son of a globetrotting vice president. His brother Beau was serving in Iraq, but soon to be home. His sister was helping the disadvantaged of Delaware as a social worker. When this laptop was set up, Hunter Biden’s life could not have been a more perfect American Dream.

But then real-life evil seeped in, an evil so insidious, it has infected our entire world (the how and why of that will be the focus of my biweekly Substack column: Midnight in the Laptop of Good and Evil, so subscribe now while it’s still free).

Meanwhile, back to the laptop. The golf ball is a nice touch, though I’m not sure what role golf played in Hunter Biden’s American dream. From what I’ve seen in my laptop reviews, he played golf regularly, but, unlike President Obama, he was no golfing fiend. Nonetheless, there’s a golf ball, right there on his password page. It take it as his Everyman’s signature, kind of like he’s one of the guys. He’s Robert (real first name)

Hunter (iconic name, now whispered with awe — not in a good way —  by presidents and world leaders) with a golf ball. And that’s what any reasonable  laptop reviewer’s first impression would be … Robert Hunter, colorful guy, likes golf.

That’s probably how he thought of himself in 2009 when set this laptop up.

And since a tour through the Hunter Biden laptop is actually a horror movie with evil in the offing, it’s expected that something is not quite right with that naively innocent opening. Not obvious, but just a little odd.

That would be his password. If your eyes are a window into your soul, so are your passwords. Hunter could have made his complicated, he could have made it extravagant, he could have made it sentimental, or he could have been excessively lazy and entitled and set it as: password, all lower case, which is what he did.

His password is password.

Because why not? Why not be as minimal as possible? Hey, he’s Joe Biden’s kid. He knows there are no consequences for him. Everything will get cleaned up, as it always has been.

And that takes us to the desktop … where the monster appears.

There he is, son of Joe Biden, the illegitimate President of the United States, laid out in a selfie porn movie that is waiting to upload.

I haven’t seen Hunter’s movie. Never will. I don’t need to look at that or any of Hunter Biden’s disgusting, sordid selfie porn. His videos, his still photos — I’m not investigating them.

Never have. No interest. They are evil, his evil, and I refuse to give them influence over me.

A lot of people have investigated them and other aspects of the laptop. Books are soon to be published, articles have been written and are being written. Reportedly, a myriad of news organizations also have the same authenticated copy that I have. One experienced journalist told me she had to walk away from reporting on Hunter’s laptop because it was so dark.

But it definitely exists, and thus, it is an unanswered question hanging over the Biden White House.

As Hunter told Tracy Smith of CBS News, in an April 2021 interview — well after the fraudulent 2020 election, well after his father was installed in the White House — he doesn’t have any idea if the laptop with his porno selfies on it was his. “There could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me,” he admitted. “It could be that I was hacked. It could be that it was Russian intelligence. It could be that it was stolen from me.”

Reportedly some of the videos show him cavorting half naked with his then-underage niece, Natalie, Beau and Hallie’s daughter. And this would be Hallie, his sister-in-law, who helped break up his marriage with his first wife, Kathleen.

I don’t know about that, nor do I want to know about that. That’s family evil, best countered with legal action and counseling. Hopefully, those in the Biden family who need counseling are getting it.

What’s important to me is the laptop provides evidence of Hunter and Joe breaking laws to further Joe’s lust for the presidency — because to me, that’s the global evil we now face.

And I know this because I wrote a book about Joe lusting to be president and committing malfeasance in office to accomplish that well before any contents of Hunter’s laptop were made public. And now I find evidence in the laptop that corroborates what I published in my book Joe Biden Unauthorized and the 2020 Crackup of the Democratic Party.

I know, as well, my associates at are writing a detailed report on all aspects of the laptop, especially instances where laws were broken. There are a lot of them. And best of all, they are finding my book to be of great assistance.

So I’ll let others focus on Hunter’s sordid porn stuff and family sleaze, because to me, that’s not where the real evil is. Joe Biden’s violations of law, ethics, and sworn constitutional duty are the real evil in Hunter’s laptop. And it’s there. I’ve already seen it.

Stay tuned.

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