Here’s a quick video update on something I can’t talk about — yet. Next week will bring clarity. Stay tuned for a Fauci-Clemons post on Friday. Lots of Citizen Free Press readers signed on last couple of weeks after CFP ran my Steve Clemons posts. So I’ll have more on him.

All good here.

* * * * *

Still no contact from the FBI about my tip identifying Joe Biden and Jake Sullivan as co-conspirators in a Burisma kickback scheme. But it’s a good story, and the media is picking it up. My goal is to appear before David Weiss’s grand jury to describe the crime I witnessed. Any help I can get to do that will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to my association with I’ll be writing about information gleaned from the verified Biden laptop and other sources. I appreciate all my subscribers and am adding more and more each day. If you’re not already, please consider being a paid subscriber. Each paid subscription to my Substack includes a signed copy of my book Joe Biden Unauthorized and the 2020 Crackup of the Democratic Party, and it’s a huge help to my mission to publish the evidence that will impeach Joe Biden.

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