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Keep up the good work here my contribution as a retired federal agent here bullet points analysis on Durham report

Fruits of the Forbidden tree doctrine

The Durham report findings determine there was never any legal basis for the FBI investigations into Trump and his team members nor justification for the Scope memo and appointment of a Special Counsel by DOJ.

Why is this relevant is because all of the defendants convicted under the Mueller investigation that DOJ violated the Fruits of the Forbidden tree doctrine. That the defense lawyers for those convicted need to file legal motions to the court under the fruits of the poisonous tree doctrine of getting their client’s convictions overturned and their records of convictions expunged.

Mueller team of lawyers knew beforehand there was no Russian collusion, yet they proceeded knowingly and willfully in constructing a Russian collusion narrative to frame members of Team Trump with a crime. These are major Brady violations by the DOJ lawyers involved and are actually crimes.

In the interest of Justice, both DOJ and Congress should demand that all of those convicted by Mueller's team that their convictions be overturned, and their records of convictions expunged.


The question for the media and the Congressional Oversight Committee that needs to answer by SC Durham is why he didn't conduct a conspiracy investigation using 18 USC 371 fraud statute deceiving the public as he established a prima facie case for conspiracy

Why didn't Durham follow the investigative leads and evidence to its logical conclusions of holding those accountable for the conspiracy to destroy Trump?

Durham by not pursuing or conducting a conspiracy investigation has left the nation in a significant predicament; how will those involved in the greatest corruption scandal the crime of the Century 'The Trump Russian Hoax" conspiracy, ever be held accountable in a court of law when Durham met the element of the crime of Conspiracy under 18 USC 371 in his court and final report findings.

The good news is Durham in his court filings and Final report met all the elements of the crime of Conspiracy under 18 USC 371 to defraud the American public by establishing the conspiratorial agreement that this was a well-designed conspiracy plan to destroy Trump and is still continuing today as the statute of limitations are still in play until 2028 if the next President has the courage to do so can hold everyone accountable for their roles in the crime of the century, the Russian hoax conspiracy.

This is the most salient point for the public if the public trust is to be restored in the justice system and Rule of Law, is that all those involved in the crime of the century still have criminal liability under the conspiracy statute and can be held to account if the voters elect a new President in 2024.

For more depth explanation see sub stack ACCOUNTABILITY - by John Seaman (substack.com)

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Looking forward to hearing something from you Friday on your work in progress!

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Keep up the great work. You know your purpose, and I thank you

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Bravo and -- FYI:


Durham Report Indicts FBI For Role in Russia-gate Scam But is Silent About the CIA

By Jeremy Kuzmarov - May 17, 2023

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